Grey Soul

Mathew Mytka

Mathew Mytka

Moral Imagineer

A poem I wrote 15 years ago coming out of depression. Encompassing the universal human journey of confronting and embracing the complexities within oneself.

I travelled to the dark places of my soul
Within, where many don’t go to till they grow old
Confronted with pain, misery and joy
I opened my heart to failure
And that busy, eerie noise
Once I had gotten there I knew what was one
It was me
It was you
It was one universe filled with fun
The good times
The bad
And all in between
No one will ever know what you and I have seen
Now I realise no need to travel about
Threw away my passport and did it without doubt
Now I am here, where I’ve always been
Confronted with self
Soulful, willing
Dirty and clean

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