In this together

Mathew Mytka

Mathew Mytka

Moral Imagineer

Amidst the confluence of crises within and beyond crises, we are in this together. We need to overcome our challenges. This poem is an expression of active hope towards our metacrisis.

As we strive beyond our constraints and our chains.
All the games programmed deep within our brains.
From what we see to what we believe.
It comes at you and me like waves in a turbulent sea.
Ebbing and flowing and algorithmically driven.
Scrolling our feeds in an informational prison.
Polarisation, political chess boards.
Rigged markets and meaningless wars.
Regulating it all is like a lost cause.
Funding and lobbyists a sneaky trojan horse.
Bailouts, golden parachutes, revolving doors.
As political leaders pass the buck to the poor.
The powerful playing a game of hot potato.
Exacerbating crises amidst epistemic tornadoes.

As billionaires fund a cock rocket race into space.
Do they look down on Gaia with any humility or grace?
Down here on earth we can really do better.
Than memecoins, NFTs and tweeting what’s clever.
Systemic corruption and back door deals.
Portfolios growing while a hungry kid steals.
Let’s just get together, cocreate way better.
Because doing it now is better late than never.

We can move our constraints and break our chains.
Create new expectations, reprogram our brains.
Planting seeds of what we believe.
Coming from you and me as waves in this turbulent sea.
Moving past the competitive mindsets.
To cooperation beyond the stock market bets.
Long term thinking, well being as a given.
As we break free of this false enlightenment prison.
Meaningful change being our mission.
Collective stories weaved in our vision.
I know it seems this is against all odds.
But there’s active hope once we give it our nods.

We can break free from our historical chains.
Create a world of flourishing and redesign the game.
Picking the fruit from what we believe.
Between you and me like we’re waves in an abundant sea.
Cofounders in type 1 civilisation.
Reimagining borders and composting nations.
Sustainable building, healthy food as given.
As we cocreate these new renaissance systems.
We can do this together because we know we must.
Connecting compassionately and rebuilding trust.
Working together and loving thy neighbour.
Our shared humanity is our best saviour.

Creating new systems with our noosphere brain.
Harnessing renewable energy and changing the game.
From weaponry to livingry and shared humanity.
Our collective intelligence like fungus and trees.
Stewarding what we have for future generations.
Acknowledging and amplifying indigenous creations.
Every child alive has this potential.
Giving them this chance is really essential.
There’s seriously lots for us to overcome.
Much learning to do beyond what’s being spun.
But it’s gotta come from love, without all the shame.
Using our highest ideals in creating new games.
Collectively breaking cycles of shame.
Overcoming intergenerational blame.

We can work together in new manifestations.
Spawning a world of equitable relations.
But we gotta be us, break from the chains.
Work better together in new creative games.
Past the bullshit and political fluff.
Building back better together, means with all of us.
Beyond differences and tribalist flames.
Connecting all of our hearts to our brains.
Moral imagining emergent from you, me and we.
As we’re cultural tsunamis in this sea.

This type of world could really happen much faster.
It’s just working together better we gotta master.

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