New Dawns – Creative Essay

Creative essay inspired by neuroscience and utopian fiction with a character driven story founded on the idea that a unitive conscious awareness is possible.

Love in darkness

A poem traversing the spectrum of human emotions, while using nature as a timeless metaphor, from misty dawns to shadowless nights.

Grey Soul

A poem I wrote 15 years ago coming out of depression. Encompassing the universal human journey of confronting and embracing the complexities within oneself.

Seeds in the mind

More poetry from m3. This one traversing the depths of what we feed our minds. It can nourish or deprive.

Mountain and Journeyman

Coming out of depression and finding the words to keep me living. Knowing on the other side is a sense of purpose to climb a peak many fear climbing.

Banks of the river

A poem I wrote for the UTS Writers Society while at university in 2009.