• Cyberspace & Gadigal Country

Finding Home

This site is a way for me to express myself, explore my ideas, feelings, dreams and fears and share this with whomever happens to meander here.

A way for me to share part of my story as I slowly find my way back home.

About m3

I contain multitudes. I see you in me and me in you.

I am, like you, composed of materials born in stars. Energy that has existed since the dawn of time and space.

I am life. Change. Learning. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom. It’s encoded in me. In you. In all of us humans on spaceship earth.

I’m also Mat, a creator, educator, social entrepreneur, systems thinker, biomimicrist and ethical technologist based in Gadigal Country, Australia.

I enjoy solitude, the ocean, mountains and being in expansive natural spaces away from the built environment. I’m a son to an inspiring woman. Brother to 5 delightful siblings, father to 2 wonderful little humans and life partner to an amazing woman.

I’m an inquirer, aware of the systemic problems we currently face as a species. I believe we can collectively design a better world. One where technological change is not driven by competition and conflict but by compassion and cooperation. A world where we recognise our shared humanity and develop a more symbiotic relationship with the ecologies we rely upon for life. A world where our creative energy is directed to designing tools to enable all humans to flourish.

A world future generations will be proud to inherit.

TLDR origin story; trials, tribulations and transformations…maybe a little on the edge of the bell curve.

Want to learn more of my story? Here’s a few brief chapters…