I’m Mathew Mytka {m3}


I use creativity, multi-modal systems thinking and ethical frameworks to explore the intersections between technology, culture and our shared humanity.

Sociotechnical Hip Hop

“Ai Inside” is a grimey, reflective hip-hop song where I explore the complex relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. I delve into themes of ethics, the impact of technology on society, and the potential for AI to shape our collective future.

I raise questions about the role of AI in our lives, the ethical considerations surrounding its development and use, and the need for responsible practices to ensure positive outcomes. It’s a call to action to the listener to critically reflect on the potential benefits and risks of AI and to actively participate in shaping a future where technology serves humanity’s best interests.

The track is a journey of introspection, societal concerns, and the call to embrace ethical and responsible AI development and use. Emphasising the importance of values like inclusivity, diversity, and the power of collective intelligence in navigating the AI era. A call for unity, sharing of wisdom, and a forward-thinking approach to ensure that AI is leveraged for positive change and mutually assured thriving.

– m3metix

About {m3}

I contain multitudes. I see you in me and me in you.

I am, like you, composed of materials born in stars. Energy that has existed since the dawn of time and space. I am life. Change. Learning. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom. It’s encoded in me. In you. In all of us humans on spaceship earth. Us Earthians.

I’m a father, husband and creative. A moral imagineer, educator, social entrepreneur, systems thinker, biomimicrist, public policy advocate and ethical technologist based on Country of the Gweagal clan of the Dharawal Nation, Sydney, Australia. I’m the cofounder and Chief Vision Shaper at Tethix and have worked for over a decade with startups, Fortune 500 companies, federal governments, academia and civil society at the intersection of ethics, trustworthiness and digital technology. In my own entrepreneurial pursuits and in various roles.

I believe we can collectively design a better world. One where technological change is not driven by competition and conflict but by compassion and cooperation. A world where we recognise our shared humanity and develop a more mutualistic relationship with the ecologies we rely upon for life. A world where our creative energy is directed to designing tools to enable all humans to flourish.

A world future generations will be proud to inherit.

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