Banks of the river

Mathew Mytka

Mathew Mytka

Moral Imagineer

A poem I wrote for the UTS Writers Society while at university in 2009.

Along the banks of an ancient river the water did often flow.
One day white suits wandered in as keen as keen to go.
A flawed white suit informed his vision to heave on to and fro.
A story of this place where little did he know.
Now nature has him wondering where it is can he now go.
With time the missions failed him to pass on to and fro.
Of knowledge past, the ancient stories with who nature would always go.

Now white suits see the damage done across the rivers flow.
A place where rivers dry and animals die where once they’d often grow.
The futures bleak and many speak of solutions on the go.
But it is the with the wisdom of these peoples that we must now come to know.

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