Love in darkness

A poem traversing the spectrum of human emotions, while using nature as a timeless metaphor, from misty dawns to shadowless nights.

Grey Soul

A poem I wrote 15 years ago coming out of depression. Encompassing the universal human journey of confronting and embracing the complexities within oneself.

Seeds in the mind

More poetry from m3. This one traversing the depths of what we feed our minds. It can nourish or deprive.

Mountain and Journeyman

Coming out of depression and finding the words to keep me living. Knowing on the other side is a sense of purpose to climb a peak many fear climbing.

Banks of the river

A poem I wrote for the UTS Writers Society while at university in 2009.

Bleeding Heart

My heart bleeds for those whose life depends upon the actions of the few, to contest the mighty many of those whose life has been subdued. My heart weeps for all those people whom attack the honest few, trying to contest the might of the group. Though only will the sorrow take refuge from this […]

Revealing the grey

The enlightenment is ongoing. It is not something that was purely limited to the time period beginning with Descartes. It’s a progressive revealing of the grey areas of our existence and increasing awareness of our ongoing moral dilemmas. I recall a 3hr conversation with somewhat of a modern day philosopher Max Kaye a few years […]

I am me

I will follow my heart wherever it may take me but I will use my mind and intellect to combat the ignorance in my self and others. I will not capitulate to dogmatic belief in a TINA (There Is No Alternative) collective mindset nor will I be a spineless man with no courage to stand […]

Ashes and Armour

I wrote this when reflecting on the challenges faced of overcoming our collective trauma and the test of our spirit in hope and despair