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New Dawns – Creative Essay

This is an unedited version of a creative essay I did while at university. Subject: Utopias and Dystopia Autumn Semester 2010 Imagine if you could be in a state of calm mental alertness, always be aware of your own emotions and the emotions of others, exercise compassion completely and constantly, be acutely aware of your surroundings and solve complex problems […]

Love in darkness

The suns light shines through the mist of morning Glimmers of the future suspended in time.Tales of pain and pleasure, loss and love.The mist of morning slowly dies.Daytime comes and the sun is high.Centred bridge from the morning to the night.Blessed joy of presence there, nameless, shameless.The light fades slowly as the afternoon draws near Lavish colours bask formless beauty.Darkness […]

Grey Soul

I travelled to the dark places of my soulWithin, where many don’t go to till they grow old Confronted with pain, misery and joyI opened my heart to failureAnd that busy, eerie noiseOnce I had gotten there I knew what was oneIt was meIt was youIt was one universe filled with funThe good timesThe badAnd all in betweenNo one will […]

Seeds in the mind

We’ll spend that one last penny on the land within our mind. We toil the land, we sow the seeds and battle great storms at times. The seeds thus grow, and over time they spawn a fruitful vine, and feed a hungry many on the land within our minds. But, alas, the harvest comes to leave but just bare vine, […]

Mountain and Journeyman

I trample along a beaten path, the treacherous rocks, those jagged cliffs. An eagle soars by, its call high pitched and piercing. They all know, the predator searching, waiting for them, scanning the landscape looking for prey. Patient is the eagle, but it is hungry.Mouths to feed other than its own .It does not know.It steadfastly swoops down into the […]

Banks of the river

Along the banks of an ancient river the water did often flow. And one day white suits wandered in as keen as keen to go. His flawed white suit informed his vision to heave on to and fro, the nature of these lands where little did he know. Now nature has him wondering where it is can he now go, […]

Education vs learning

I’ve encountered this often. People confuse learning with education and vice versa. But they are different. Let me try to articulate what I mean… Education is institutionalised spaces and standardised processes for learning. The accepted norms, behaviours, processes by which we transfer knowledge across time. Across generations. Universities, colleges, school, academies etc. These are spaces for institutionalised ways of learning. Following […]