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Ethics is everyday

Ethics is always present. For most of us humans it’s part of everyday decision making. Whether we’re conscious of it or not. In a organisational context it’s a little more complicated. Organisations are a collection of individuals making decisions. Guided by formal and informal structures and processes. Then all the heuristically made decisions using “rules of thumb”. Those ones laden […]

Consumer Data Right as the catalyst for human and planetary flourishing: part 1 – a retrospective lens

CDR can change the game. It can re-energise a stale information sharing market. It can empower people with the tools and protections to decide how they take part. It can foster meaningful innovation and creativity. It can counter the ‘brain-drain’ from our country and fuel a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem. It can put Australia on the map as a leader and innovator in modern information society. It can help the most trustworthy organisations get closer to the communities they serve.

Consumer Agency in Modern Data Sharing Ecosystems

There is a much public discussion on giving people control and ownership of their personal data. This is happening globally. Across jurisdictions. GDPR, Open Banking, Consumer Data Right, Financial Data Exchange, California Consumer Privacy Act, MyData, FB being grilled in congress, TED talks…the list goes on. The terms, control and ownership, are being thrown about more frequently. But how do […]

Data protection day matters more than you think.

Today, trust is at an all time low. People are gaining more control of their data. They’re taking actions to protect their privacy and security. Global regulatory landscapes are becoming more progressive. Because of this, many organisations are struggling. They’re actively searching for ways to competitively differentiate. Most aren’t doing a great job. In fact, recent moves like Facebook’s deceitful design patterns, have only eroded trust further. Much […]

GDPR: wolf in sheeps clothing

Well not entirely, and if it is, it’s unlikely intentional.  More so, a misguided attempt by a growing bureaucracy to protect people and enable greater economic and social prosperity. Or maybe just a classic example of the nanny state.  I’ll admit that headline was meant to get those GDPR pundits and supporters all riled up. Clickbait if you will. To […]